Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feeding My Fabric Addiction Part 3...

I will warn everyone right here and now...if you're worried about spending too much NEVER go fabric shopping while emotionally unstable. It was very therapeutic actually. I spent like 3 hours in my local Hancock Fabrics and really did have a great time. The woman cutting my fabrics was thrilled that there was a person my age that enjoyed sewing.

To the fabrics! I haven't taken pictures in a while so please excuse the quality.

This is a so lightweight. It's going to make a cute sundress.

So far I'm thinking of making this into BurdaStyle's tiered mini dress like my "Waiting For Fall" dress.

I have an awesome idea for this but I'm going to test drive it on some muslin first.

Really awful picture, I know. It's a fuchsia ribbed knit that I'm still debating whether or not to dye.
  I also bought a metallic striped knit and a brown suede (Raggle Taggle Gypsy skirt, finally!) that I didn't photograph cause every shot I took looked awful. So those are my therapy fabrics :P. I already have them washed, ironed, and ready to go! Can't wait to start creating!

Has anyone else gone on an awesome fabric shopping trip lately?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Me-Made-May 2012!

Hello everyone. I know I've dropped off the face of the planet for like two months. Be at ease, I am all right. Sort of...

Long story short (or at least as short as I can make it), Sir Knight and I decided to end things and I completely fell apart. I didn't want to eat, I didn't want to socialize, and I certainly didn't want to sew. We are trying to stay friends but he decided to take another lady less than 30 days after the split and I fell apart again. Blogging really hasn't been on my priority list. Until now.

I'm finally back and have the perfect thing for jump-starting my blog. As some people may know on the blog, 'So Zo, What Do You Know?' has her 'Me-Made-May' challenge coming up and I have decided to participate. It's the perfect thing to help distract myself from thoughts that make me want to either throw up, scream, or drive all the way back to Wyoming just to punch someone in the face. So here is my pledge:

'I, Courteney of Apples of Avalon, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavour to wear one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2012' 

I won't be able to wear any handmade garments to work since I have a uniform shirt and certain pants I have to wear but I can change into something for the bus ride home and there's always going out with friends and coworkers throughout the week too. So here I go! I have about a month to sew a few more garments to fill the gaps I have. I bought a couple patterns off of Etsy (my first Etsy purchases!) that I'm really excited about. I also did some serious fabric shopping a couple days ago (it was a bad idea to shop while emotionally unstable!) that I will share probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

Til next time, everyone. I will be posting with much more often from now on!