Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feeding My Fabric Addiction Part 3...

I will warn everyone right here and now...if you're worried about spending too much NEVER go fabric shopping while emotionally unstable. It was very therapeutic actually. I spent like 3 hours in my local Hancock Fabrics and really did have a great time. The woman cutting my fabrics was thrilled that there was a person my age that enjoyed sewing.

To the fabrics! I haven't taken pictures in a while so please excuse the quality.

This is a so lightweight. It's going to make a cute sundress.

So far I'm thinking of making this into BurdaStyle's tiered mini dress like my "Waiting For Fall" dress.

I have an awesome idea for this but I'm going to test drive it on some muslin first.

Really awful picture, I know. It's a fuchsia ribbed knit that I'm still debating whether or not to dye.
  I also bought a metallic striped knit and a brown suede (Raggle Taggle Gypsy skirt, finally!) that I didn't photograph cause every shot I took looked awful. So those are my therapy fabrics :P. I already have them washed, ironed, and ready to go! Can't wait to start creating!

Has anyone else gone on an awesome fabric shopping trip lately?

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  1. Oh how I have bought fabric that I totally didn't need just because it looked pretty!