Sunday, August 28, 2011

Attack of the Zipper-less dresses!!

I'm still here for those of you wondering! Been sewing my little fingers off! Finally ordered my new camera which should arrive tomorrow. Then I can finally show you what I've been creating. I didn't really plan for the notions I would need so I ordered literally a dozen zippers from Waiting for them are a bunch of zipper-less dresses! It's so weird seeing them all draped over the back of the couch :P. They should be arriving on the 1st of September.

So just to keep you up to date, some of the dresses that I have completed (sans the zipper) are:

* "Waiting For Fall dress" 2-tiered tank dress in a brown/pink leaf print
* "Here Today, Gone to Maui dress" Maryy dress in a Hawaiian print
* "Pomegranate of Persephone dress" cap sleeve dress in a cream and magenta print
* "Luck of the Irish skirt" flared skirt in a Kelly green lawn, trimmed in forest green
* "Fun in the Ferns dress" Azalea dress from BurdaStyle in a brown/orange/green batik and brown broadcloth
* "Summer Ruby dress" halter dress in a ruby red lawn

Maybe I need to work on something that doesn't need a zipper :P And if I get my camera tomorrow like the UPS website says, I can FINALLY start posting photos again! Til then, good evening to you all! :D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

1 project down...14 to go!

Started on the 2-tier mini dress today. Got really in the zone and finished it! I used a brown leaf cotton print and some cute buttons made from coconut. Wish I could post pics but I still haven't been able to buy a new camera. I'm hoping to get one next Friday. I guess I'm on the honor system til then!

On the 30th, I will post all my projects! Now if you'll excuse me I think I might start on my pomegranate dress! Also I printed out my Coffee Date dress pattern so I might cut those pieces out too! I'm on a role...hope it lasts!

Monday, August 1, 2011

No Boyfriend For a Month = Ambitious Sewing Challenge!

My knight has to go to his MOSQ this month so I'm going to be by my lonesome until September 4th. *sigh* I got so spoiled having him home and all to myself for so long. I'll learn my lesson one of these days :P. Anyway, as always when I'm going to be by myself for a long time, I think of things I can do to keep myself occupied other than sitting in front of the T.V. missing him. This time around the very first thing that came to mind was,of course, sewing!

I have literally dozens of projects that are in several states of finished, from just being an idea in my head to just needing a hem or a closure to be done. Since I'm going to be alone for about 30 days, I decided to give myself a challenge. I read many blogs and the lovely ladies who write them often blog about challenges they do to shake things up with their sewing and wardrobes. So here I present the beginning of my 15 by 30 Challenge!

I will give myself 30 days to finish 15 projects. It sounds pretty ambitious but I thought about it and many of the projects on my list are almost done. Speaking of the list, here it is:

* Maryy dress in a fun blue Hawaiian print
* flared skirt in a jade green cotton lawn
* halter tank top in a Kaffe Fasset clouds print
* gathered tube top in a fuschia/black floral print
* pullover dress in a solid green broadcloth
* Azalea dress in a brown/green/orange leaf batik print
* pleated skirt in a yarn dyed green/black large check
* knotted front tank top in a lavender bamboo knit
* bubble hem tank top in a burnout jersey
* tiered knit top in a brown slub jersey
* green flower sundress (might salvage into something else)

Those are the projects I have started already and just need to be put together. Here are the projects I haven't started but still want to get done:

* "dress with cap sleeves and gather skirt" by BurdaStyle mag in a what I call a "pomegranate print"
* "dress with A-line skirt" in a slate blue linen blend
* "kajthusia?" halter dress in a white cherry print
* the famous "coffee date dress" in a yellow/mint/mauve striped seersucker
* "buttondown dress with front pockets" in a navy/green plaid
* "tiered mini dress" in a brown leaf print
* Anna boho bag made with brown and navy linen blend shirts that didn't turn out very well
* a dress for my niece in a cute polka dot print
* "empire waisted mini dress" in a burgundy crinkle crepe

I know that makes more than 15 but I want to give myself some wiggle room. I has a tendency to get uninterested for some reason. Anyways, I plan to start my challenge this Thursday. Wish me luck!