Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wardrobe Gaps...

After the failure of last month's challenge, I began to think about it and realized I shouldn't be rushing my sewing projects. These should be things I enjoyed making, not resented cause I had to stay up til 11 pm trying to get them done in time. Anyway, moving on to what is probably my most favorite time of year...FALL!

I love absolutely everything about fall. Fall colors, fall fashion, fall foods, fall weather...everything!  Although I'm not a huge fan of the blustery temperatures of winter, I truly love the transitional period before the real cold sets in. Already, I have to wear a jacket when I walk to work in the mornings.

The deer have started coming into town more often with the starting hunting seasons. It's always a nice treat to see them in the dark of the early morning. Sir Knight and I like to peek through our bedroom window and spy on a group of bucks that frequent the tiny field in front of our house. I'll try to get some pictures of them if I can. The camera flash would send them sprinting!

Failed challenges and deer aside, a cursory glimpse into my closet today revealed huge gaps in my wardrobe. Huge gaps...gaps you could park a Buick in. My closet is still very much a Goth/custodian/laundry worker's closet. Full of black...full of boring T-shirts and men's shorts (that aren't Sir Knight's). It's rather embarrassing, really.

What makes it particularly embarrassing is that anything to the right of the light green shirt is Sir Knight's side. Not much of a difference, is there? Well, there is more black on my side, I guess lol. I remember really loving my Goth style years ago but I look back and think "What was I thinking??" Not only because I've totally grown out of it but because it entirely is not who I am. At least not anymore. My mother will be so pleased to hear that :P

So it's now my mission to remedy my sparse wardrobe and make it be the following things:
  • unique
  • feminine
  • expresses who I am
  • practical
  • warm for winter and cool for summer (and maybe the possibility of going back and forth)
The last point actually brings me to my first order of business. The few dresses I made last month were all pretty much sundresses. Perfect for a hot summer day but with it getting cooler they won't be very practical. The bottom is easy to fix: tights and some cute boot and I'm ready to go. My arms however need covering so I've been perusing BurdaStyle (not to mention my huge pattern stash) for some cute cardigan and jacket patterns.

There's of course the Karen cardigan, which I think is adorable. I actually have some knit fabric that might work, I would just have to dye it. It's this peachy color that's a little too close to my skin tone for me so I think I might dye it green. Also, I have been DROOLING over the Tikva trench. I want to make it in either a hunter green or burgundy. Definitely going to make a muslin of it first.

I have never owned a denim jacket before and I have some denim yardage that's just screaming at me to make it into a jacket. Found a pattern on BurdaStyle that I really like, here. I think it'll look really good with a pencil skirt I have on my project list.

Til next time, have a fabulous weekend everyone! How's your fall (or spring for you in the Southern Hemisphere) sewing going?

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