Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feeding My Fabric Addiction Part 2...

Happy October, everyone! Here heralds my very favorite month of the year! Also begins the countdown to getting my Halloween costume done. I really don't want the same disaster as last year, lol.

I also got some new fabric! Not a lot but enough hold me over for a while. As we speak, I'm filling my cart at with fabrics for my fall/winter sewing. Anyway, to the fabrics!

I can make a "blueberry" dress/blouse/skirt with this!

I got enough of this to make 2 blouses. Now just to pick which ones!

Already have a pattern picked out for this. It will be known as my "Firefly" dress.

Only one of these is even close to my fall palette but in my defense I purchased these before I made one. I'll post that soon, btw. I'm really excited about my Firefly dress. I chose this pattern from BurdaStyle. I'll probably shorten it as they did with their spring version. The first one, I found at Walmart like its sister (which has already been turned into a great dress!). It was in the remnant bin (2 yards) and was a meager $2.80! I literally couldn't pass it up. I see myself wearing the garments I make from the second fabric much more in the spring. 

There has finally been a change to my sewing area that I'm really happy about. I finally broke down and bought a proper sewing table! I carved myself a little area in the living room and put the folding table I bought there and my fabric bins went under and next to it. I was so happy I sat down and finished a UFO right then and there. I have a new little sleep shirt!

The new Apples of Avalon HQ! 
That pillow on my chair is actually the first thing I EVER sewed. It was in my 7th grade FCS (family and consumer sciences...I guess they had to call it something less girly than home ec.) class about 12 years ago. I was very excited to find it while Sir Knight and I were cleaning the house. It was actually his idea to put it there which I thought was perfect.

Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

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