Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Costume...Part the First

Greetings everyone! Hope everyone's October has been as delightful as mine. This weather is making me itch for a trip to a pumpkin patch!

It's also getting me in the mood to start making my Halloween costume. I feel a little nervous starting it just now, but the pattern is pretty easy. I've already read the instructions about a dozen times lol. Speaking of the pattern, here it is:

I love the pirate one too! Might use that one next year!
Obviously making option A. I made a very similar one a couple years ago to make a really pretty gypsy costume. I won a contest that year! Now to the fabric and notions...

Going clockwise from the left:

  • White lace that I bought for a friend's costume I made along with my gypsy one. I'm hoping it'll dye to match the red tulle for the petticoat. 
  • Red double knit (with not stretch) for the cape and vest. It has a nice texture and weight for both pieces. The only problem is the gal who cut the fabric for me cut a yard less than what I needed! I'm thinking we'll need to go back to get more :(. Luckily the bolt was pretty full so it should still be there. 
  • White broadcloth for the blouse. Very simple so it wouldn't take focus away from the vest. 
  • Black satin for the skirt. I also have a 7" invisible zipper. It's cool cause the pattern piece is basically a 1/4 circle skirt piece. Cut on the fold, it make a 1/2 circle skirt! Very versatile piece that I can use for many other things. I LOVE multitasking patterns!
  • Velvet ribbon for the trim on the vest and cape. 
So there it is. My Halloween costume in potentia! Can't wait to get started! Have you started on your costume?

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