Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm a Slacker :P

I totally played hooky from sewing yesterday and I'm actually glad I did. My boyfriend came back from helping out with the floods (apparently the town of Saratoga , WY is trying to float away) and his friend came over and we all decided to go to Sinks Canyon and play around. It ended up being a really great day!

Every time I go up to the mountains, I have a great time. Even when I have freak outs when I get on really high rocks, haha. It's just so quiet and peaceful, the only thing you hear is the wind rustling the trees and the birds singing. It's a really great place to go after a stressful couple of weeks at work.

Oh yeah, and I learned something on Friday. Always, always, always get off a motorcycle from the LEFT. In the first picture, you can see the consequences of me not knowing that :P.

I was loving that foot hold
I just love the mountains!

Made it to the top!

So pretty!

Me doing some yoga poses on a boulder. (Bakasana or Crane Pose)

This is another rock I tried Bakasana on. Only on this one, I lost my balance and FLEW face first into that bush to the right. It was hilarious!

This mama moose hung out here practically the whole time we were there. You can see her baby in between her legs.

All in all a good excuse to play hooky from sewing. Tomorrow I'm back to it might be a while before I finish those projects. Better get dinner started, I have a hungry boyfriend to feed now :P. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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