Monday, December 26, 2011

Cookies! Yum!

A good day to all! I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays, whichever ones they might have been!

I FINALLY got to making my Solstice cookies myself. It's hard to find time to cook in my new living situation. My room mates are 3rd shifters, so they're sleeping during the day. Thank goodness my sewing machine doesn't wake them up!

So while they went to do their Christmas thing, I got busy in the kitchen. I wore my newly finished "Raggle Taggle Gypsy" skirt, which I will post soon. It has to be the most fun skirt I ever wore. So comfy! So twirly!

Anyway, to the cookies...

My pancreas is going to hate me but someone hand me a plate! :P
It's kind of funny seeing all those cookies and knowing that soon I'll be starting classes to become a nutritionist! I've actually done a really good job not eating them all in one sitting *hides plate behind her back and blushes* and there are a couple boxes packed up for Sir Knight back in Wyoming.

Now that the New Year is upon us, it's time for those resolutions. Mine is definitely to sew more often but also to sew things with much more quality and care. I'd like these garments to last a long while. If I have a daughter or a granddaughter I'd like her to wear them if she wants to.

Another resolution, like a lot of other people have, is fitness-centered. I really need to get back into my yoga practice. If I hadn't stopped I would be so fit by now. Guess it's time to swallow my regrets and just get back on it.

Those are my more mundane resolutions, I usually make my spiritual resolutions around Samhain (Halloween) as it's the Celtic new year. Those are going pretty well, though this move threw a wrench into a few.

Until next time!

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