Saturday, December 17, 2011

Museum Day!

Morning, all. A couple weeks ago, shortly after I arrived home, my best friend April and I had a great day at a couple museums. I hadn't been to one in ages so I decided I was due. So off we went to the Telephone Museum (you know the one from Yes Man?) and Morril Hall.

April being her usual silly self!

I just loved the pin tucks on this blouse.

I'd like to see Super Man try to change in this phone booth!

So cute!

Wow what a difference just 30ish years makes! But then again soon the smart phone will be in a museum too.

That was really fun and we were the only people in there that day so we had the place to ourselves. The nice man there gave us a private little tour. He used to work for the first phone company in Nebraska so he told us all a bunch of stories.

Answer the phone!!

I kept leaning over the rope to see the details of the outfit LOL!
After that we headed over to Morril Hall on the UNL campus. I hadn't gone there since I was a kid and ever since I got here have wanted to go.

The ice on those steps was treacherous!

Aaah! Don't squish me!

Wish we could have seen a show but it wasn't open.

Going there reminded me of my love for archaeology. I actually used to want to be an archaeologist but I knew I couldn't get into college for it. Maybe when I get older I might delve into it but for now I'm happy in my current pursuits.

I always loved the stegosaurus, lol.
The femur alone is taller than me! Yikes!

All in all it was a really fun day! Got my museum fix for at least a month or two :P. How long has it been since you went to a museum?

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