Saturday, July 23, 2011

Me So on Fire Feeling Hot Hot HOT!!

Boy howdy has it been HOT! Waaay too hot to sew! Having a box fan on full blast isn't conducive to a good environment for placing pattern pieces on fabric. Believe me, I've tried lol. Also, my sewing machine is the farthest it can be from the A/C so it's pretty miserable over there and being hot and sweaty makes me make mistakes which result in substandard projects.

Really the only thing I've been able to do is sit in front of my A/C and look at my patterns and plan a bunch of projects. BurdaStyle on my iPod has also kept me entertained. I'm thinking of making a "Coffee Date Dress" with my yellow/mint/mauve striped seersucker. It would make a great sundress for the rest of summer but I could also pair it with tights and a cardigan for fall. I also found an adorable 50's looking halter dress for my white cherry print.

I went fishing with my boyfriend and his mom last Monday. Alas, no fish and no pics cause I haven't been able to purchase a new camera yet. All I came back with was a HORRENDOUS sunburn on my shoulders! It was seriously the worst I've ever had in my adult life! I really wish I could have gotten a pic or two cause I was really a sight to see. The oh-so mature gentlemen I work with made a game of trying to poke me in my shoulders *rolls eyes* :P. I peeled TWICE and bathed myself in aloe all day. I'm really glad you can't OD on it, lol.

Moral of the story is WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!

Hope all your summers have been cool and sunburn free! I know we still have some summer left and for some of you there is a LOT of summer left for you. One thing I love about Wyoming is that summer is pretty short. We only get really extreme heat for about 2 1/2 months. But on the other hand, we get the deep freeze for about 4 months, which kind of sucks. I love jackets, hats, and scarves!

Anyway, done with my weather rambling...wishing for cooler weather! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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